Who We Are

The One Showroom Bilbao is positioned in the market as oficial distributor of high prestige international fashion brands.

Fashion, a wordless language 

The way of personal style of dress is the presentation card to the world, especially today when human contacts are so fast and brief. Fashion is the instantaneous language which go through the gaze of those in front of us; with those garments which caress the skin, we can show to the world who we are, how we feel, even how we think without the need to use words.

To The One Showroom Bilbao, the eclectic design, avant-garde and urban of the prestigious brands we work with since 2015 are our distinguishing feature, through which we have reached an excellent market position, as an official distributor of international brands aimed at public who stands out for its personality.

In The One Showroom we count on a professional team who focus their work in the brand development, strategies and sales. The confidence with our clients, principally multi-brand stores with medium-high status, the confidence of the brands and public who wears our brands are the keys of this exciting project and established these days.

In The One Showroom we have as a goal offer to our clients a flawless and collaborative service where we put in added value for the campaigns development and positioning strategies to strengthen a higher brand recognition and make easier the sales to our clients establishments. Their growth in sales is our greatest satisfaction.

Your Showroom

The One Showroom is the official distributor in Spain of the brands like A Fish Named Fred, Freaky Nation, Vanessa Scott, Open Space and W Planet. At present, from our headquarters located in the heart of Bilbao, The One Showroom is opened to study a new brands incorporation with the possibility of projecting them to a +500 clients network at national level.

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Here you will find the brands that we manage and distribute in The One Showroom

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Do you have a business and want to work with one of our brands? If you want more information about our showroom, do not hesitate to contact us through our mail.

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+34 722 553 521 / +34 946 099 309